How it all began...


Once  upon a time, there was a girl with a passion for beads like no other. 

She sold beaded rings at the neighborhood koolaid stand, they were a  nickel. Her Uncle said “You won’t make any money doing that.” She didn’t  care, it was her passion - they were beads.
She went through life, beads in tow. In 1993, while fairly successful in  the homogenized corporate world, she declared, “Stop the bus I’m  getting off.” She had decided, much to the dismay of family and friends,  to open a bead store. One of her friends said “What’s the big deal,  they’re just beads?” To which she said “Oh but they’re Knot Just Beads!”  And so it began with a small shop at the corner of 80th & National,  in West Allis WI. The neighboring businesses thought - beads? She’ll  never make any money doing that. She didn’t care, it was her passion -  they were beads.
In 1998 she moved to a larger store in Wauwatosa. Her new landlord said “You sell what?”
Then in 2008, while once again caught in a homogenized world, now of  beads ....she declares - “Stop the bus we’re making a U turn!” Why?

Because it’s her passion and they’re KNOT JUST BEADS!!!
So if you too have a passion for beads and the art of bead work, hop on  board and travel with us at our new location at, 4309 So. 76th street,  Greenfield WI. 

Where that little girl who once sold beaded rings for a  nickel has bought a building and will take you on a journey through  beads and bead work like no other!
And so it continues...
Now referred to as the Mothership, and the Knot Whisperer,

she has a passion for beads that is never ending! 

The original kool aid stand. cira 1971